importance of reading

Why reading is so important in your life?

This question arises every now and then. Moreover, every successful business magnate gives advice of reading a book. Why is that every person who accomplished riches is forcing all of us to pick up the book and start filling up the bookshelves? Why is the importance of reading such a huge factor in our lives?

Is the road to success goes through reading only? These are questions that each of us gets an answer to. This is how we can channelize our lives for a better future.


Facts about reading

importance of reading

How reading assist us in shaping our lives?

Reading affects our lives in myriad of different aspects, wheather it is mentally. logically, creatively, personality building or physically.

Let us see the benefits of reading that are overlooked by most of us:


The primary impact reading makes is on our right part of our brain which comprises of our creative section. As we do regular reading it stimulates our creativity, forcing us to think out of the box, helps us in a broader understanding of things in common.

With boast in creativity, it opens us the door to infinite possiblitities. Moreover, making it easier to cultivate new ideas.

Enhanced creativity expands our perception for various things in our lives and along with that it unleash the creative genius within you which in turn opens new ways to solve problems.

Logic helps to move you from A————-B, while imagination can move you everywhere.

Sharpens your mind

By cultivating an ardent reading habit causes your brain to focus on the astronomical amount of words regularly, which lets your mind to inhale a significant amount of information, this directly improves your critical thinking and analyzing skills.

This kind of stimulation is healthy for the brain and sharpens your thought process. It is similar to exercise in the gym. As you regularly pick up weights, thus, forcing your muscle to grow. Likewise, reading a book act as a weight to brain compelling your brain to grow.

Some of great people know how important reading is to them and how much of impact it makes to their thinking.

Focus and memory

We have read previously how reading affects the creative part of the brain. But the other section of the brain which got triggered is your memory. When you read the books daily, it stimulates the part of the brain connected to memory.

Even if you retain 50% of the information you acquired from books on a daily basis. Then it pressurizes your brain to store data regularly. Thus your mind subconsciously cultivates the habits of saving information regularly. In the end, your memory section gets bigger as the day passes.

How it improves focus? It requires your utmost attention and focus on every word, every line and para to get something out of the book. While executing that, you subconsciously stimuates the triggering of nerves which are linked to focus and concenteration area of your brain.

Vacabaulary and Writing skills

The more you encounter with books, the more you stumble upon unique words, thus, increasing the size of the your vocabulary bank. Moreover, it will helps to implement unique words on various occasions. If you are in writing business or any other fields such as delivering a presentation or giving talks, speeches, etc. Then it is a perfect match for you.

Talking about writing, as you read more and more, you will tend to observe the writing skills of the veteran authors. How they present the text? How they cultivate and depict a story? How they seamlessly and effectively share their knowledge with their readers?

As you get above answers, you subconsciously start writing better. You will automatically start imitating the writing skills of the authors you have read so far.You will tend to know how to organize thoughts and how to systematically present your text, so that myriad of readers can get most out of it.

Stress and Sleep

Many of us think that the only source of entertainment are movies, youtube videos etc and they uses those things as stress management tools to counter the stress and anxiety caused by their busy hectic lives.

But a large population of us don’t know reading books is one of the most effective way to release stress and in relaxing the brain muscles, resulting in better sleep. This question arises by most of us that how reading can null or counter the stress? The answer to this is that as you read a book, suppose a famous novel, Harry Potter.

Your brain immediately transports itself to different words, encountering with different unrealistic characters, exploring and unleashing the imaginative power of the brain. This brain exercise act as stress reliever for your brain.

importance of reading

Wiser and experienced

If you want to grow as a person, want to cultivate good personality traits, personally develop yourself and finally you want to become wiser and mature. Then you should definately opt to start reading books on personal development and self help.

As you read those books, you will inhale the valuable lessons from failures, wisdom, and life long experiences of hardship and road to success of various entrepreneurs, business magnates, and celibrities and even the authors itself.

All of those experiences will add up to your personal experience and in the end, makes you much wiser and experienced than before. You will realize the importance of reading which in turn motivates you to read more and more.

Goals and purpose

The impact that reading does to you is, it helps you in realizing or defining your goals so that you can channelize all your efforts, energy and intelligence in that particular direction.

Many books for example ” 7 habits of highly effective people”, The one thing, millionaire Fastlane provides you guidance and simple steps to follow, to achieve your dezired goals.

Activity without purpose is drain of your life: Tony Robbins

Having a purpose in your life will always keep you motivated, gives your life meaning, you get constant drive and passion. Moreover, it will help you figure out what’s important and what are the things you should get rid off.

Isn’t it amazing how crucial reading can be defining our success? How big of an impact it can make in our lives.

The cool part about it is that is extremely cheap or free of cost. But still most of the popluation does not read books and does not realize the importance of reading.

Communication Skills

Improving vocabulary and writing skill goes hand in hand with communication skills. As more and more words you inhale while reading, more frequently you start implementing those words in your conversation, thus, better conversationalist you become.

It is said that ” 85% communication skills and only 15% technical knowledge” contibuted in yor success in any field.

Top personal finance books that you must read


After reading the above text, you came to know the numerous benefits or importance of reading. So only advice that we can give you is wake up 15-30 minutes earlier in the morning and pick a book of your choice and start reading it.

You will tend to know how big of the impact that small activity of your day will make on your other big, hectic work.

Every question that you want to get answer off, every problem that you want to get solution of, every situation that you want to get rid of, every skill that you want to acquire are been answered in books. So do read do learn.

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