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Why personal development is so important to be successful?

Starting with a fact ” A CEO of a company earns millions for working 8 hours and an intern in a company manage to grab a few dollars for working the same period of time or even more”.

The reason for the above is ” you get paid for value you bring to company or world and not for the time you put into that particular area”.

A daily wage worker works tirelessly all day, using all his physical strength, energy and effort but still can’t manage to fulfill basic necessities of life. Why is this so? Why is the all the hard work and effort not paying off?

The simple truth is a person climbs the ladder of success with smart work not the hard work.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend first four sharpening the axe: ABRAHAM LINCOLN

The reason why few enjoys fruits of fortunes is they know what personal development can bring to their live. They consistently work on themselves, building up their skill set, organizing their efforts, so that they can provide skills or value that a regular guy cannot offer. That’s why they are always in high demand. READ MORE ABOUT THIS FROM OUR ARTICLE


As you read you will tend to know about personal development and how highly important is it is your life.

Read this article so that you also comes in minority of people who accomplished riches.

What is personal development?

In simple terms, personal development is life long process of improving one self in a way such that a person lifestyle, future and personality become better than before.

It is a route for people to asses their skill set and talents and setting future goals in accordance to that , so that they constantly learn to become better person than before.

A successful person continuously works on his talent and tries to perfect those, on other hand unsuccessful people thinks graduation over, means learning is over.

Why is personal development so crucial?

  • IT HELPS YOU IN ACCUMULATING WEALTH: Everyone has a question that how it would be helpful? This can be explained by a simple example:

Consider that there are two college graduates naming Mike and Rick with the same educational qualification. But the thing is that mike has a hunger to learn, desire to improve himself and due to which he continuously learn new skills such as how to crack interview, public speaking, communication skills, number of languages, investments, finances and other life skills.

On the other hand, Rick was satisfied with his education qualifications and in turn not put much efforts in aquiring skills.

So what do you think would get a better job Mike or Rick? As a boss who would you prefer to give a higher salary? I am sure all of you have same answer.

  • Confidence: It boosts confidence and keeps him motivated to become a better person than before.
  • Opportunities: Personal development opens the doors for new and multiple opportunities. Let see an example:

Person A who knows coding and also has some knowledge of business and finance will have more job oppurtunities or person B who knows coding only.

Its definite that person A is clear winner.

How to develop personally?

The only way we think off is cultivating a reading habit. By daily reading books of self help, personal growth, personal finance etc you will tend to know the experiences of successful people, their rights and wrongs. Moreover, it will keep you motivated, helps in finding your goals, purpose in life and useful wisdom of brilliant authors.

Must have books for personal development

Think and grow rich

One of the best books that has ever written on personal development. This books falls into the category of โ€œmust have books in your lifetimeโ€.

Author: Napoleon hill

7 habits of highly effective people

This is one of the famous book on personal growth and development. It provides you easy methods to organize your lives and not to forget the habits of riches.

Author: Stephen R. Covey

How to win friends and influence people

You have got the idea of what is this book all about. One of the best books made on communication skills and personality development.

Author: Dale carnegie

The power of your subconscious mind

It tells you about, how to explore the powers of your subconscious brain and how it leads you to success.

If you are short at time. we recommend you to read our article. It summarizes the book in one page.

How to unlock power of your subconscious brain

The one thing

This is one of the most simple, easy but extremely effective book on self-growth that, I have ever read. This is so engaging and interting that i read the whole book in a day.

Authors: Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

Final verdict

All we can say is do read daily books. It will helps you grow as person and leads you to success. Keep working on yourself and keep on acquiring wisdom, knowledge and skills.

Doing the above mentioned will surely helps you in becoming sucessfull person.

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