personal finance books
personal finance books

Top 5 personal finance books that can make you rich

Too many people spend money they earned.. to buy things they don’t want to.. impress people they don’t like: Will Rogers.

If you are reading this, then you must be one of those, who wants to change their life for better. Dreaming for money but can’t find the path or track to run upon.

It’s not that how much money you earn that matter but how you manage or handle that money is all that matters.

We believe personal finance plays a key role in distinguishing a rich and a poor. For instance, a person earning millions can’t jump to billions if he spends millions.


What is personal finance?

Personal finance is what individual plans all his income, analyze the income sources, take all into account the expenses and then starts to budget all the stuff, taking into account of future risks and life events.

Do read our article How personal finance can make you rich to know how crucial it is to determine your success.

The list of personal finance books are down below:

personal finance books

Top 5 personal finance books

Rich dad vs poor dad

Talking about personal finance and wealth building and not considering the rich dad and poor dad is just not fair. This book still holds the spot of one of the best selling book ever written.

Telling the story of his two fathers rich one and poor one, Auther Robert Kiyosaki very seamlessly transferred his message, that is ” difference in rich mindset and poor mindset”.

Key Points

  • Rich mindset vs poor mindset.
  • The difference in Asset and liabilities.
  • Financial literacy.
  • how to let money work for you.
  • Rich and poor cash flows.


We believe it is a perfect match for those who are just starting out especially the millennials and wants to start learning about personal finance.

The writing of the book is simple, easy to understand and provides you the basic understanding of money flows and cash management.

This book is must read for amateurs.

The millionaire next door

This book mainly shows you how to spend wisely and cultivates saving habits so that more and more cash can be filled into your bank accounts.

This book focusses on habits of both affluent ones and poor one and the reasons why they are rich or poor. Millionaire next door is one of the national bestsellers with the first edition released in the year 1996.

With the latest edition, there are quite a few changes made for better but the basic message is still the same. This great thoughts and wisdom are put into words by even more amazing author Thomas. J. Stanley.

Key points

  • How to save responsibly.
  • A simple formula to know if you are reaching your full financial potential.
  • Economic outpatient care (EOC).
  • Spending habits.
  • Finding your niche
  • Time, energy and money.


We recommend this book for ones who get baffled or puzzled while doing financial planning. For people doing jobs or having limited sources of income, showing them a way to save and become rich.

The richest man in babylon

This book tells you about the story of a wealthy man living in an ancient city named Babylon. Moreover, this book shows how that man accumulated the great fortune of money with only saving 10% of his income.

This personal finance book tells you how saving small amount of your income will one day makes you rich. The best thing about the book is with how beautifully story is crafted to explain the financial literacy.

The book is written by the american author George . S. Clason and the book first published in year 1926.

Key points

  • 7 simple rules of money.
  • Secret laws of money.
  • Saving and spending wisely.
  • How to let money work for you.
  • Earning powers.


The one primary reason why we recommend everyone to read this book that the issues touched in this book are generic and experienced by most of us. Every chapter of this book covers a different aspect of personal finance. So it provides you diversified knowledge of the subject with ease.

The Total Money Makeover

Author Dave Ramsey, host of famous American talk show ” The Dave Ramsey show” has written one of the best books of his lifetime.

In this book, the author provides the reader’s steps to how to get out debts and start building a better looking financial future. Moreover, it provides the money myths and how to get avoid being the victim of it.

It provides the extremely simple but effective step by step guide to come out of losses and debts and reaching the ultimate financial goal.

Key points

  • Debt management.
  • Cash flow and income sources management.
  • Guide to come out of losses.
  • Maximizing retirement funding.
  • Money and debt myths.


We recommend this book to youths who got tangled in debt and doesn’t have the clue how to get out of it. Steps given in this book are very practical and can be implemented by most of us.

The millionaire fastlane

This book throws light on the three different lanes or route that are taken by all of us. Some of us choose sidewalks, some choose a slow lane and other fast lanes.

This book tells us about the characteristics, merits or demerits of each of the lanes. Millionaire Fastlane is written by the multimillionaire author
M. J. DeMarco.

Key points

  • Sidewalk: poorness.
  • Slowlane: mediocrity.
  • Fastlane: millionaire.
  • The roads to wealth.
  • Fastlane lifestyle and guidelines.


We recommend this book to anyone who is interested in wealth building philosophies or anyone who has some entrepreneurial spirits. Almost everyone will get something out of this book. The methods given in this book are quite different from other books. But still, this book impacts your mindset towards wealth and life.

Final verdict

These are the best personal finance books that we think you must read as early as possible. As soon as you started reading these books, your thinking gets a huge impact. You see life differently than before, cultivating a deep desire to accumulate wealth.





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