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The one Thing: Surprising Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

If you try to catch two rabbits at one time, then you will not catch either one. The one thing is what all you need to accomplish success in your life Narrowing down your focus, your efforts, your energy, reap you extraordinary results in that particular directions.

Going Small

If everyone has the same number of hours, all of you have an equal count of limbs and a brain commanding that body. Then why some people get more than others? Why few achieve more, earn more, acomplish more ?

The simple answer to that is they go small. Doing one thing at a time, focusing all the efforts, energy, time at one thing at the time.

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Going small means ignoring all the things you could do and focusing on things you should do. It’s realizing that extraordinary results can be achieved by how narrow your focus is.

But most of us disparage those opinions. They do things just oppossite. Due to this, their To do list fill up the note pads, resulting in burden, frustration. Due to this, they settle for less, abondon their dreams. minimizing their expectations, in the end they settle for less.

You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.

Quick Facts

quick facts one thing

Domino effect

Ever seen large numbers of dominos standing side by side with first one as small as 2cm and last in a row as huge as several thousands of feet.

The catch here is, successor domino is 50% larger to previous one and still the smaller one have enough energy or momentum to fall the other one.

For instance, suppose there are 57 dominos lined up in a row. With first one is merely 2 inches tall and successor domino is 50% taller then predesseccor. What do you think will be height of 57th one? Any guesses? Let me answer. THE LAST DOMINO WILL BE NEARLY AS BIG AS DISTANCE BETWEEN EARTH AND MOON.

Domino effect

This is the power of the domino effect. Replace the dominos as your activities in your life.

Choose the one thing (first domino) or thing that your priroritise the most. Taking one thing at a time, moving to one dominos or task after the another. In this way your potential compound like dominos .

Every great change starts like falling dominos: R.J THOMTON .

Lies and mislead

  • Everything matters equally: Equality is a lie that we all bought up with. There is always the one thing that matters the most. Moreover, there are few must do things and all the other activities take places in should do or could do list.

Things which matters most must never be mercy of things which matters least: Johann Walfgang Von Goethe.

THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE: Majority of what you do comes from minority of your efforts. Learn more about from our article.

Secret to achieve more wit less: 80/20 principle

  • Multitasking: It is a prolonged lie. It’s a scam. Our brain doesn’t multitask, else, it just switches from one task to another. Switching from one task to another comes with a price. The price of time it takes to complete the task. On an average, it takes 25% more time for the simple task and 100% more for the complicated task to complete a task, if you multitask at the same time.

Multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time: Steve Uzzell

  • Will power on will call: Ever heard the statement. Where there is will there is a way. This statement misled more than guided. Spread like a virus all over the place.

Will power is like your phone battery. The more you consume, the lesser it becomes and more recharge it is nedded. You will not get will will power whenever you need it instead it deplets the more yu consume.

An amazing fact: Researchers analyzed nearly 1100 parole request in front of judges in Israel government. The judges get two breaks in a day to refuel and revive the will. The results are surprising.

Judges granted parol request to nearly 65% of people immdiately after the break and percentage was astoundinly zero at the end of day.

  • Big is bad: Bid is bad is a lie. This is how we all as a child is conditioned with by our parents. Do not think about the things that is too big to achieve. Do not set high unachievable goals.

In reality, you have to think big, set high goals to achieve high goals. Simple common sense.

We are kept from or goal, not by obstacles but by clear path to a lesser goal: Robert Brault

How to achieve extraordinary results with one thing

For achieving success. first you have to ask a question to yourself.

What’s the one thing, i can do such that by doing it evrythng else will be easier or unnuccessary? The answer your mind will give you is what you have to do at that time.

The big picture: what is one ultimate goal in your life? Write it down.

Small focus question: What’s the one thing right now that i can do which lead me to that goal. Write down answer of that. Then working on the daily one thing.

The above-mentioned process has to repeat daily until you reach your ultimate goal.

Follow the steps down below in the order they are given

Step 1:What’s the one thing that i have to achieve in life?

Step 2:What’s the one thing I must do this year to achieve my ultimate goal?

Step 3: What’s the one thing i must do this month to achieve that yearly goal?

Step 4: What’s the one thing i can do right now which will help me achieving my monthly goal?

Asking the questions in the way they are will make your life much simpler and easier

Narrowing down the list

minimizing the list to one thing

Look at the image above and in this way start mininimiing your daily activities such that you can focus on one thing at a time.

Diversifyng the one thing

Personal life: What is the one thing I must do to improve my personal life?

Health: What’s the one thing I must do to improve m health?

Job: What’s the one thing I must do to get better job or promotion?

Alert: Do ask yourself questions in steps given above.

Final verdict

At the end, all you have to remember is success lives in few. So focussing on few things in your life can give you fruits of ssucess.

Hope you liked our article and learned something new from this. May this helps in changing your life for the better.

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