the secret to achieve more with less
the secret to achieve more with less

The secret to achieve more with less: the 80/20 principle

In case, if you do not know, the 80/20 principle is not just like another boring textbook principle or any complexed logistic rule which no one can find practical aspect off.

This is a principle that is integrated in our lifestyles, the rule with which this universe works, the principle that can be found in mostly every practical aspect of our lives but the truth is most of us have no clue about what the 80/20 principle is all about.


If observed and implemented correctly, it can make your life much simpler and better.

What is 80/20 principle?

the 80/20 principle

The 80/20 principle asserts that minority of causes, inputs, or effort lead to majority of results, outputs or rewards. For instance, 80% of what your results either in business or in job comes from 20% of your inputs or efforts you put in.

On the contrary, majority (approximately 80%) effort are just irrelevant and does not seems to be productive, the fun part is people just think opposite.

How to think 80/20?

Conventional mindset

Majority of us believe or have illution that all the things matter in same way which means 100% of our efforts leads us to 100% of the results which is so not true.Majority of us tries to do everything perfectly,hence, losing up our aim thus derailing from our path of success.

conventional business pattern

This is a typical example of a conventional mindset. according to this, suppose in business 50% products leads to 50% of profit. If you ask any merchant or shopkeeper, it will give you a different answer.

80/20 mindset

This stats that their is huge imbalance between your rewards and and the effort you put in.

Their are minority of things that matters the most and rest are just consuming your valuable time, efforts, energy and not to forget your money.

the 80/20 business pattern

Look at the above example, this is how things actually works. 20% of your products leads to 80% of your profits.There are minority of items that assets huge impact on your sales and vice versa.

There is not need to scatter your energy in different directions else you will end up losing your focus.

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How to apply 80/20 rule in your life or business?

There are basically two methods of imposing 80/20 rule:

  1. Focusing and channelizing your energy, time, efforts on minority(suppose 20%) of things and abandon the rest.This makes your life much simpler and easier and saves huge portion of your time and effort.
  2. If you are highly energetic, pumped with confidence and have astronomical number of brain cells than you can go for this option. It basically tells you to first find that majority of your inputs which are not rewarding you much and try to focus on those so that they also leads you to success.
  3. This is option which is implemented by most of large multinational companies.

Some major application of 80/20 principle

  • Usually 20% of products leads to 80% of profits.
  • 20% of criminals account for 80% of the value of all crime.
  • 20% of motorist leads to 80% of accidents.
  • 20% of your clothes worn 80% of your time.
  • In internal combustion engine: 80% of energy get wasted in combustion and rest 20% leads to 100% of output.
  • Top approximately 20% of beer drinker leads 80% of beer drunk.

After reading the above article, it can clearly stated that “everything is balanced is just dilution”. There are always few things that matters the most. So from now onwards start thinking 80/20, this will major change in your life.

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Inspired by the book 80/20 principle by richard koch



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