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How Personal Finance Can Make You Rich

We believe personal finance is one of the most important topic that we have ever discussed. As common it sounds, but it is not so common skill seen in most of the people nowadays especially in millennials.

You can have all the educations in the world from well-known universities but if you lack personal finance, then you lack a fortune. Ever seen doctors, engineers or professors accumulating large sums of money. The answer is always “NO”.

The reasons for above is lacking in very basic skill of life that is financial literacy or personal finance.

Most of us know how to where to earn money but doesn’t know how to manage money. Read our article rich vs poor mindset for further knowledge.

What is personal finance?

Personal finance is what individual plans all his income, analyze the income sources, take all into account the expenses and then starts to budget all the stuff, taking into account of future risks and life events.

How personal finance can help you lead to successfull live?

Starting with quote “It doesn’t matter how much money you earn that matter, but how you manage and save is all that matters”

As a human being, personal financing along with financial literacy is one of the most important live skill you will ever learn. Managing your cash flow efficiently,, building up the asset column and getting rid of all the liabilities will turns out to yield a fortune for you.


Once upon a time their were two individuals naming john and adam. John was earning 8k per month and adam was at 20k per month. Both of them were nearly the same age and with same educational qualifications.

But there was one basic difference between both, that John was financially literate and Adam lacks in that skill.

So john starting focusing on assets and starting minimizing the liabilities thus minimizing the expenses. He started learning about investment due to this he invested in mutual fund shown down below

At age 20: John invest 2k per month from his salary in mutual fund and expected a minimal return of 12% per anum.

At age 30: John accumulated 4.6 lakhs.

At age 60: John managed to collect to 2.4 crores.

You will shocked to see that the actual money john invest all these years is just 9.6 lakhs and he managed to earn 2.4 crores. Isn’t it great.

This is power of compound interest. John only invested in single mutual fund all his time of living and he still managed to accumulate great wealth.

Imagine investing in multiple places like stocks, bonds, real estates and reinvesting the profits from previous assets into further assets. The amount of money you will earn will surely become out of your control.

On the other hand, Adam got stuck in the rat race, doing what others told them to do, thus always jumped into the latest trends, buying expensive clothing, shoes, latest mobile phones etc. Read our article ” why 95% of people are unsuccessful” for furthur knowledge about this topic.

Thus ending up in credit card debts. Hence, paying up money for things that he doesn’t need. At last, blaming his luck, surroundings and people for his misfortunes.

Sources to learn personal finance for free


A Online youtube channel providing valuable wisdom of books in a very simple and artistic way. Easy to understand and worth your time.


A youtube channel providing information about investing in mutual funds, stocks and much more.

The art of building wealth

Online youtube channel providing stuff regarding personal development and personal finance.

Best books on personal finance

Rich dad poor dad

One of the best book that has ever written personal finance and financial literacy.

The richest man in babylon

It tells its readers about personal finance with a great story, so that it is easy to understand and very engaging for the readers.

Author: George s clason.

Think and grow rich

One of the best books that has ever written on personal development. This books falls into the category of “must have books in your lifetime”.

Author: Napoleon hill

The millionaire next door

This is another great book on personal finance in which the author compare the behaviors of both rich and the poor mindset and gets amazing findings.

Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

The 4 hour work week

It throws light on the topic such as what people do all the hard work with all their sweat and blood in their lifetime just to accumulate money for their retirement.

A masterpiece by tim ferriss


At the end all we can say is if you want to be rich, then you have to start thinking like riches, develop habits like riches, managing life like riches, thinking about personal finance like riches. Finally, start doing like riches.

All we can say is live below you means, save more, invest more. Dont’t try to become rich very fast, becoming wealthy takes time.

In this way, you will see drastic changes in your life both financially and mentally.



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