7 traits of a great leader

7 Leadership Traits That Show You Are a Great Leader

Broadly speaking there are two types of people in this world. One is leaders and other who follows them . Both of the types are having same physical attributes but their huge difference in their way of living, the personality they put forward and leadership traits they possess.

.Once a intelligent follower makes a great leader.
There are certain traits that a leader hold are genetic but majority of them are cultivated by a leader overtime.


Lets dive in to see some major attributes that a great leader posses:


The primary trait a leader shows is keen sense of responsibility on whatever work he/she indulge themselves.Moreover, they take full responsibility for their mistakes, hence they try to improve themselves for future mis hapenings .On the other hand, if by shifting responsibilities, they are disparaging the position that they are in command off.

Perfectly quoted by Peter Drucker: Leaders see leadership as responsibility rather than rank and privilege.

Self Control

The man who cannot control himself can never control other.By mastering over this priceless personality trait, you can master the whole world.

self control assist you to overcome tense situation, by knowing what to say, when to say, how to say over those situations.

Great leaders always have self discipline without exceptions: John c maxwell

Decision Making

A man who cannot give definite decisions can definitely not lead the followers. A person who is uncertain of his decisions, have doubts and do not have willingness to take quick decision should keep himself in sidelines in the leadership race.

Followers always show faith in that person who have faith in himself.

Pleasing Personality

People always adulate those leaders who shows sympathy towards them, having empathic understanding to their problems, hence, making the trust bond between them even stronger. Bonds of emotions, can develop synergy between both, thus output will be much more than expectations.


There is not a single one who can be successful in their lives without the support, help or cooperation of others. Cooperating with others, moving along other in their bad times can reap you unexpected favours from others as well.

Great things in business are never done by one person, it is done by team of people: Steve jobs

Honesty and Integrity

This personality trait should posses by every individual doesn’t matter if he holds a respected position or not. Show the humbleness, honesty towards other and it will be rewarded back to you in multiple proportions.

In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities:

Integrity, intelligence and energy, if they don,t have the first one, the other two will kill you: warren buffet.

These are the leadership traits that a great and mature leader possess and great thing about this is, it can be mastered by anyone overtime. Moreover, not only it makes you a better leader, it will turn you into great human being.

If you have these priceless possessions, then its great to have but if you lacks in any one of these, start working on it, trust me in in long run, it works in your favour. Share with your friends to keep them inspiring.



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